Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hubway hits a million

Congratulations! Since July 2011 over 1 million trips have been made on Hubway bikes in the Boston area. In fact, over the weekend Hubway marked its 1 millionth trip and shared some of the data they've gathered on bike sharing.

Somerville has 11 Hubway stations, so it was safe to guess that trips in and out of the city made up a decent part of those million rides. But it was interesting to find out that Davis Square is Somerville's busiest. In context, that almost seems common sense. The busiest stations in each community - South Station in Boston, Coolidge Corner in Brookline, Davis Square in Somerville, and MIT in Cambridge - are near major public transit centers, and, not surprisingly, major public transit centers tend to be near businesses, restaurants, and attractions.

In general, Somerville has seen a big jump in Hubway trips this year. Part of that may be the result of additional Hubway stations around the city this season. And, this is also the second season we've had Hubway in Somerville, so more people might be aware of it. But the huge increase (see below) probably isn't explained by just one factor.

Have you noticed more Hubway bikes around Somerville? Are you one of the new riders in Somerville?


  1. Would be interesting to see this chart normalized by the number of bikes (or stations) in Somerville over time. This would be one way to account for the total number of hubway stations increasing over time, and see if the number of trips per station (ie. usage) is increasing too!

    1. Good suggestion that I'll share with our SomerStat analysts. After next year, we should have better data that we can also use to start making some comparisons.

  2. Davis is not one of the four busiest. It's the busiest station in Somerville. The top stations are South Station, North Station and Copley by a mile. Or, er, a million miles :)


    1. Thanks, Ari. We realized we misread the graphic and will be making a correction shortly.

  3. Where's the public education about appropriate cycling for the users of Hubway (and local cyclists in general)?

    If you're going to initiate a swarm of new cyclists onto the streets of Somerville, then you have an obligation to educate them about the rules of the road--and the sidewalks.

    To do any less is to abrogate public safety!

    1. We have a series of posters reminding cyclists and drivers of the rules of the road, but working to get them out there more is a good suggestion.

  4. Just posters won't keep cyclists off sidewalks...a comprehensive, far-reaching, multi-lingual public education effort is needed, given the great proliferation of scofflaws.

    And, of course, enforcement, of which there is none, despite the local ordinance being in place...

    Will City Hall finally step up and address this public safety issue?


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