Sunday, December 15, 2013

Three Ways to Help Your Neighbors with Shoveling Today...And Next Time

When it snows, our elderly, disabled, and sick neighbors can become trapped, unable to get needed medication and food or unable to get to work, move, or park their cars when they return home.

You can help by shoveling out nearby neighbors in need. There are three ways to do this:

1. Check on your neighbors and just ask if you may help.

2. Sign up to volunteer via SnowCrew, an online site that that matches volunteers with those who need help. SnowCrew tells us it has successfully matched about 60 volunteers per storm with their neighbors for the past three years in Jamaica Plain. This week, they opened the system to the full Northeast. 

Here is how to use SnowCrew to find out who needs help near you:
To request shoveling assistance via SnowCrew:

  • You can also offer to fill out the form for neighbors or family members who do not have the ability or computer access to do so themselves.

3. Volunteer for the City's Shoveling Assistance Program by contacting Youth and Volunteer Services Coordinator Nancy Bacci at To volunteer through the City, we do require a CORI background check, which takes about 24 hours and will be conducted on weekdays. So sign up in advance of the next storm so you'll be ready to help next time. 

Please note that SnowCrew is an entirely independent service that the City does not manage or assume liability for. 

And remember, if you can't shovel, you can still offer to run errands to pick up medications or groceries or help with other needs for any neighbors unable to do so themselves.


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