Friday, June 6, 2014

Trash data? Yeah, we want that.

Normally we use the ResiStat blog to share data and information with you, but today we'd like to ask you for some data.

Recently, the City started rolling out uniform trash barrels. (If yours didn't come yet, hold on, the roll out is going on throughout the month of June.) Since this is a new program, we want to gather data on how it's going and use that data to make any adjustments that make sense. To get that data, we're asking you to stop by regularly and let us know about how full your cart is each week. Not only do we appreciate getting this data, but it will also help make trash collection better for all residents.


  1. What should we do with our old trash barrels? Will the City of Somerville DPW be picking them up to recycle?

  2. I second the above question.

    What do we do with our old barrels? Mine is almost new. :(

  3. We had one full trash barrel for a two-family house. Does that count as 1/2 barrel in the survey?

  4. Anonymous 3, that's how we count it. Our barrel is half-full for our two-family, so that's 1/4 full per unit. Wish the city would pick up the extra barrel. We'll never need it.

  5. I'm surprised that there aren't more questions included in this survey. I'm interested in seeing how the data is used if that could be posted at some point.


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