The ResiStat program is the City of Somerville's effort to bring data-driven discussions and decision-making to residents and promote civic engagement via the internet and regular community meetings.

The goal is to connect residents from all different backgrounds to City Hall, providing valuable information to residents and using their feedback to improve city services.

ResiStat works to engage residents in Somerville's City government and community by:

•Hosting ward-based data-driven community meetings with Mayor Curtatone, your Aldermen, and high-level City Staff.

•Fielding residents' concerns and questions regarding City policies and services through the ResiStat blog, an online community forum designed to address residents concerns in a transparent, public space.

•Maintaining ResiStat e-mail lists to provide information on city-sponsored and local events and announcements in Somerville, including those specific to your neighborhood.

•Making data on Somerville and city services available to the public through the ResiStat website.

About SomerStat

The SomerStat program facilitates regular forums in which key City decision-makers meet to study financial, personnel, and operational data to understand what’s happening within departments in order to help the City run more efficiently.

The ResiStat Program brings SomerStat into the community to extend the SomerStat problem-solving discussion to Somerville residents. ResiStat's pilot year in 2007-2008 was funded by grants from The Boston Foundation and the National Center for Civic Innovation. ResiStat has allowed City staff and the Board of Aldermen to share data on City operations with residents to solicit their feedback and ideas. The suggestions of residents are compiled and used to inform policies.

Other programs associated with SomerStat include LeaderStat, a management training program, and a new set of performance measurement indicators.

In addition, the 311 Call Center and Reverse Notification System round out the management reform effort by establishing a direct line to residents, allowing them to provide real-time feedback on how well the City delivers its services. Data from the 311 center are regularly studied in SomerStat meetings and serve as a backbone for the program-based budget, which requires data on departmental output (e.g. number of trees trimmed). While 311 allows residents to contact the City, the complementary phone notification system allows the City to contact residents with urgent updates. The two systems provide rapid sharing of information between residents and the City.

As these components grow, they will continue to complement one another and provide a more robust picture of how the City works.

ResiStat Staff

Denise Taylor, New Media Manager and ResiStat Coordinator, can be reached at dtaylor@somervillema.gov or 617-625-6600, ext. 2103.