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  1. By Wednesday, we expect Hurricane Sandy to have moved on, and the Farmers Market in Davis Square will proceed as usual, from noon to 6 p.m. The market offers fresh-picked vegetables, organic produce, apples, breads and pastries, lamb, beef, chicken, fish, flowers and homemade Mediterranean appetizers.

  2. Why not post the newsletters online?

  3. Hello, I know you are working on Gun Control and I had an idea for you. What about hiring Gun Check Workers? People that would go out and check on the gun at the home of residence to make sure it is still there... The Gun Check Worker could go out every month to do this with a list in his/her hand. This would create jobs and help keep the guns at home safer.

  4. I spent 20 mins trying to sign up for street sweeping e-mail alerts. The system couldn't find my street and after I called 311, the gentleman said he could pull up the street name right away. Obviously there's a glitch. How do I resolve it so that I can get get e-mail alerts for street sweeping?


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